Biffy Clyro – Hull University – Live reivew

I never really know what to think when I turn up to a gig and your told that the lead singer of the first band, Brigade, is the brother of Charlie from Busted. The mind starts to wonder. You think of all the possible eyebrow puns you could fit in a 300-word review. And generally how much you resent Busted. With no distinct evidence of there being a hereditary deficiency in the family brow gene pool tonight, it was obvious that this sibling acquired all the talent.

Rotherham’s thisGIRL share the same hometown as The Chuckle Brothers. Fact. And even though I’m ashamed to say I was a huge fan, I am not of Nu-metal. However, on all fronts it was a well-worked tight performance from this youthful four piece, backed with a strong and charismatic performance from lead the singer, making “entertaining” viewing with a fine display of stage gymnastics.

With their staggered take on post Nirvana heavy metal, the three piece Glaswegian rockers took to the stage with under enthused security and an over excited crowd with raised arms in a admiring religious sense. Hailed as one of the most consistent underground talents of our time, tonight’s performance went about emphasising this point. Songs constructed in a slow/fast heavy/harmonious manner making fan favourites such as “Blackened Sky”, “A Day Of…” and “Bodies In Flight” impossible to dance to, but loved by many. Passing of riffs and lyrics like a baton between a jacked up 4x100m Olympic team made for a gritty and flowing performance. Granted, lead singer Simon Neil looks convincingly like Jesus, and maybe in a way we did see the light. But the combination of drink and strobe lighting can make that happen.


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