Bloc Party/Mystery Jets/The Infidels – The Welly Club, Hull – 21/10/04 – Live review

Garage rock is not a new concept. Limited in its ability to necessarily be the most diverse genre known to man, it is still undeniably appealing. Attempting to inject a new lease of life into its standards were The Infidels. Playing with exceptional enthusiasm, they came across as musically astute and aesthetically indifferent they look and played the part with their youthful Scouse fervour. With time on their side it is only a matter of when to buy the right ticket and take the ride.

Mystery Jets offered something more experimental to the bill. With more makeshift instruments than you can shake a pair of battered drum sticks at, take the 80s obscurity of the past and propel it into the present in a post rock resurrection. However much they looked a shambles on stage, musically they were pushing boundaries throwing caution to the wind with unbridled passion. This passion also seemed to kill the set; strung out songs tipping five minutes at a time and worryingly self-indulgent. Unsatisfied with being a humble roadie, father of the band turned guitarist not only filled the gaps in between thunderous musical palpitations but also increased the average age of the band tenfold.

2004 has been a fertile year thus far, giving birth to many a new band. With only two single releases to date, East Londoners Bloc Party, have idealised the snowball effect. Combining musical influences from the likes of the notorious New York garage rock scene, and mixing it with the more modern appeal of art rock has put them at the forefront of an ever-popular “scene”. ‘Banquet’ and ‘Little Thoughts’ are the better-known tracks among a set that induces mass pogoing with their playful pop simplicity and innocents. Lets hope that their popularity extends further than their Communist oreintated name suggests.


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