Kings Of Leon – ‘Because Of The Times’ – Album review

Returning with their third album, Kings Of Leon continue to show why they are one of the most exciting and sought after bands of our time. Opening up with the carefully crafted seven-minute romp of ‘Knocked Up’, ‘Because Of The Times’ shows a band exuding with the confidence and audacity to experiment with such a sagacious sound.

And with that, the album continues to set a standard that many a band could not fathom: continuity and diversity. Moving on from their previous albums’ sex, drugs, and debauched filled content, this subsequent masterpiece shows their progression as musicians; for what they lack in stand out singles and dance floor fillers, they make up for with the dexterity and ambition of a band queuing in line with the rock’n’roll omnipotent.

‘Because Of The Times’ shows no willingness to conform or martyr itself to record company constraints: ‘My Party’, ‘Charmer’ and first single ‘On Call’, show a rebellious attitude towards conformity; maturity and originality so expansive and dynamic they make it appear effortless.


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