The Maccabees – ‘Colour It In’ – Album review

From a band that appear to be unmistakeably middle class – stereotyped members including Hugo, Rupert, Robert, Felix and Orlando – The Maccabees debut album, ‘Colour It In’, demonstrates a decidedly English, working class, guitar punk/pop sound.

For a band that could initially been seen as another round peg neatly slotting into a round hole, it’s the vocal leadership of Orlando Weeks that makes them square in relation to similar tight rhythm and spiky guitar bands such as the Rakes and Good Shoes.

The album starts off fairly low key with the Pogues-esque drunken slur of ‘Good Old Bill’, before crashing in with the bass sounds and staccato guitar that resonate through the album. You get the feeling that their just warming you up, opening your hearts and ears to the scattering post punk baton that is passed between the likes of ‘X-Ray’ and ‘Latchmere’, not before changing direction with the heart felt renaissance of ‘About Your Dress’ and ‘Toothpaste Kisses’. They tick all the right boxes even if they have been drawn in a big Maccabees coloured felt tip.

After a few listens there is a danger of it all sounding a bit samey, but don’t let this put you off. The Maccabees have produced a record that makes you feel like you’ve found that last red skittle amongst all the green ones; a band sweetly standing out amongst all the others that make you excited about finally discovering a new band worth savouring.


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