The Paddingtons – The Welly Club, Hull – Live review

Ladies and Gentlemen: it has taken and while, but Hull has finally made it on the music map…again. Once unashamedly (?) labelled as home to the Beautiful South, this city is ready for the taking and a new association.

Hull has been blossoming for the past few years. Bands working their way around the hometown circuit and then breaking out. These northern invaders have famously been named as one of the bands cracking the recently untapped London Underground Scene, and for all their hard work, they have finally made it. After signing a single deal with Mr McGee and co at Poptones records, tonight was the eagerly awaited return and single launch on The Paddingtons’ double a-side “21/Some Old Girl”.

They enter the stage to a welcoming audience; The Paddingtons seem to embody everything that their fan base of predominantly lost youth are looking for – hope, direction, divulgence and zeal. The worryingly thin and pale faces lead singer Tom (not related to the Dr. of the “miracle” diet) Atkin constantly fidgets and fluffs his hair in an uneasy and impressionable manner throughout, as they play a start.stop.start.stop again set of catchy fan favourites including the very compelling “Loser” and “Godfrey”. The simplicity of tracks is reminiscent of the Ramones’ entire career. And like the Ramones, what the unashamed 3 chord trick pony lacks in talent, they are still captivating and unforgettably hum-able pieces of 3 minute garage punk/pop/rock perfection. This was grot’n’roll at its finest. Insolent, imperfect and raw, these boys will offend no end before they are loved by many…and I have been converted.


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