The Paddingtons/The Five O’Clock Heroes – The New Adelphi Club, Hull – Live Review

It was no surprise to see that the New Adelphi Club ditched its homely atmosphere for the Sunday market approach tonight. With the home coming queens, The Paddingtons on the trail of local comforts and fans to boot, a queue of new music followers stand uncomfortably outside filling the atmosphere with mixed emotions of intrigue, love and loathing as the begrudging wait transpires into a scene of herding cattle into a small pen on entrance.

Friends from across the pond, The Five O’Clock Heroes could be tipped as one of the next best things. The cross transatlantic foursome impressed with a strict and stringent set of glittery punk-pop. It would be easy to compare them to the new Franz generation of song writing, so I will. Elegant, effortless and easy on the ear they are reminiscent of The Jam with a blissful mix of jingle jangle guitar pop and perfectly poised art punk.

Entering the stage with the seemingly fashionable vacant look in their eyes, The Paddingtons rise to fame has almost been a foolproof plan without failure or falter. With the likes of the seminal Pete Doherty fighting their corner at every opportunity, it is no wonder these boys are seeking, and indulging, in what fame and fortune have to offer. They almost seem like a guilty please: you can’t help but warm to them for their youthful zeal yet they are not without their faults. ‘Some Old Girl’ has the potential to be the soundtrack to the impressionable and lost cretin youth movement, however it is hard not to cut and paste Libertines lyrics to the likes of ‘Lo Fi’. New sampler, ‘Glamour Town’, is a brave attempt at the late Clash sound of the 70s with its obvious charms, but it was a game of two halves; one half with its flowing youthful appeal and charisma, the other making you feel that you’ve heard it all before…but better.


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