Vincent Vincent and the Villains – Charters, Peterborough – Live review

Before Punk music was the new black and Joe Strummer was the new politically incorrect pied piper of his generation, he trawled the clubs of London Town in a little known band called the 101’ers. Their music was pure, brash, and bluesy and immersed itself with undertones of grassroots 1950s rock and roll in a time when it may not have been appreciated in its full glory. Vincent Vincent and the Villains, in all their vintage glory, are the contemporary equivalent, propelling their grassroots influences foot tapping and be-bopping into the modern day.

Opening their set with a rather infectious rendition of ‘7 Inch Record,’ they show that musically they are true students of their well crafted, dexterous rockabilly sound. ‘On My Own’, ‘B-Side Baby’ and ‘Pretty Little Girl’ help things to swing that little bit more freely; these rather joyous pop gems float along with a Calypso/Ska jolt that is undeniable quaint and charming.

The important thing to note about these guys are that they are not just some dressed up spurious fad; they genuinely look and sound the part as Vincent, himself, croons and gurns romantic tails within the reflective ‘At The Cinema’ and ‘Midnight’. His stance is inverted, his lip hooked and their sound vinyl-esque, as his ethereal vocals float in a timeless manner.

Imagine Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps taking the 101’ers out to Chuck Berry’s ice-cream parlour, to later reside in a night of over indulgence and Pulp Fiction re-runs. Picture the scene and that’s what you missed.


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