We Are Scientists – The Metropolis Lounge, Peterborough – Live review

Pre major record deal, New York Based We Are Scientists sold their souls at gigs; money was tight, the banter was endearing and the music distributed out of hand in the form of DIY home recordings. Now, having sold their souls to the corporate devil, it seem like post major record label life seems to be no different. Granted, life is easier; they have money, radio air play and “happy to help” fans doing the distribution, but the format is still the same.

Peterborough’s 925s open the evenings’ proceedings to an ever increasing crowd. The response was good yet the songs were better. Sharp and sagacious beyond their years, they toyed with a very American influenced heavy sound, turning it on its head to create an epic yet very aurally pleasant pop sound.

LA based trio, Gliss, fill a small room with rather grand atmospheric and fuzzy sound. Many found them difficult to grasp, many found just them hard to follow as they played musical chairs with their instruments, yet their avant-garde direction flowed majestically like an ethereal opera.

From the off, We Are Scientists come across as everything that you’d expect of a State-side band, yet have far much more to offer. Their take on post-punk is angular, the tunes are playful, and their onstage antics are idiosyncratic helping to beguile the crowd. The set is tight, their line is professional and their look is endearing to all; geek chic combined with a stereotypical and zealous indie front man left the gents jumping and the girls swooning. ‘It’s A Hit’, ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’, and ‘The Great Escape’ jaunt with heresy and prove that We Are Scientists are just that. What that is, many of us will never know, but what they have combined and combusted is something very original…something special.


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