Blood Red Shoes – The Leadmill, Sheffield – 31/01/08 – Live Review

Approaching the stage with an air of grace and innocence, Brighton boy-girl duo Blood Red Shoes’ first impressions of being the next faces of innocuous pop-culture would be a pretty farfetched assumption to make.

Their surreptitious advance reveals a covert for a brash aural assault upon a sell-out crowd. Opener “It’s Getting Boring By The Sea” splits through the speakers with a ferocity akin to Death From Above’s unbridled passion for rhythm and turning that which is a solid structure into something frangible.

The tumultuous attack of two-tone brazen guitar and meticulous drumming is unrelenting and at times uninspiring. The allure is there: the reinvention and inspiration of early 90’s grunge will be endeared by many; however, as in the case of it’s sort lived predecessors, longevity is an issue.

The set feels tired and worn. Only so much can be done with the tumultuous austerity of their cacophonic sound of Young Knives-esque art-punk riffery and shrill vocal lashings, renouncing unknown objects of hate. However, when the melee of guitar-drums-vocal amalgamates, the result is quite congruent: “You Bring Me Down” and the set concluding “ADHD” perforate with perfection to the tune of The Kills romping with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – as opposed to lesser-inspiring Subways-esque filled set.


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