The Others – ‘Probate’ – Single Review

The Others’ rise to fame through association in 2004 was nothing short of a PR wet dream. At the time, London was burning with underground “talent” nestled within the wings of The Libertines’ eponymous scene of fad receptive youth. Lead singer Dominic Masters became somewhat of a spokesperson for urchin youth culture, publicising drug abuse, socialism, and lethargy, playing the role of a pied piper to the drones that wished to follow their antiestablishment “Gorilla Gigs”.

“Probate” continues to mark The Others’ emancipation from the central train of thought with the same obstreperous arrogance that they first unleashed on the class system. The result is a furiously paranoid nine minute rant of laboured punk proclaiming how “The future’s not bright, you see/You won’t get no fucking sympathy”. Masters is a man who will continue to suffer for his art, but now, more than ever, he sounds as if he’s suffering from the realisation of his own meaningless degenerate bleatings.


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