Tim And Sam’s Tim And Sam Band With Tim And Sam – ‘Put Your Slippers On EP’ – Album Review

Tim And Sam’s Tim And Sam Band With Tim And Sam may look like they should be lining up for school dinners as opposed to bedecking a stage with their childlike innocents; they may be the diminutive figures that actually paid attention in music lessons as the rest of the class’s urchin-like occupants use beaters as their weapon of choice; and they may sound like they have acquired most of their instrumental orchestration from their school’s music department, but what they have created in doing so is an ultimately endearing, organic and mellifluous soundtrack that induces eunoia.

‘Put Your Slippers On’ weaves an aural tapestry of naivety and maturation: their unifying ability to assemble a euphonious symposium of childlike instrumentation with a sagaciously adept knowledge of layering is nothing but beguiling. With the rustic warmth of Sigur Ros and the free-falling folk clarity of Tunng, the likes of ‘Join The Dots’ and ‘House By The Sea’ emanate and cajole the senses into a comfortable state of comatose for what is ultimately an ethereal listen.


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