Prefuse 73 – ‘Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian’ – Album Review

From the foundations that Scott Herren (aka Prefuse 73) built from his 2001 groundbreaking debut ‘Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives’, he now stands tall as preacher, prophet and bellwether for a generation of aspiring artists with this, his fifth commandment, ‘Everything She Touched Turned to Ampexian’.

His idiosyncratic fusion of leftfield psychedelia, off-kilter electronic beats and loose glitch-hop arrangements are as addictive as they are inspiring. Skipping boundaries with avant-garde audacity and impunity, the painstaking effort of recording the complex tapestry of electronically altered beats to analogue Ampex tape gives ‘Everything She Touched…’ an archaic sentiment towards audio rectitude.

As a body of work, the album manages to transcend the transcendental, becoming a vacuum for the emotions: aurally imaginative, its esoteric sound aesthetic differs throughout with complexity and density as the digital debris of scattered mixes and warmth of feelings that are moulded into well thought out orchestrations that flirt with the senses to ambiguous affect.

From ‘Simple Loop Choir’’s spiritual undulations towards an ethereal vocoder high, to the dissipated electronic dissection of ‘DEC. Machine Funk All ERA’s’, to the short and salacious ‘Sexual Fantasy Scale’, ‘Everything She Touched…’ establishes Prefuse 73 as a proven artist; for the experimental vision and integrity that runs in a linear fashion throughout the 29-tracks modulate the detached elements of the sonic spectrum with the freedom of expression akin to luminaries such as Animal Collective, J Dilla and Air. This is drum machine funk for an electronically expressive generation.


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