SBTRKT Interview in: The Stool Pigeon –  Fifth Birthday Issue Out Now!

Hidden behind a tribal mask and a pseudonym that reads more like an illiterate text abbreviation, SBTRKT is keeping his cards close to his chest. “I’d like to separate my music from my personal life,” explains the much hyped and, more importantly, anonymous London-based producer when asked to reveal himself. “I’ve always looked at artists and don’t see how their personal life really fits in – it always seems quite bland compared to how your persona as an artist is.”

SBTRKT is selling us a story; SBTRKT is selling us an image; SBTRKT is selling us a lie. He does not wish to remain anonymous as a producer to save his personal life from being uncovered; he wishes to remain anonymous in order to re-establish his professional career, to start afresh: “I don’t find what I have done in the past relevant to how my music sounds now,” he laughs nervously, “I released a few records before I found SBTRKT.”

Since he ‘found’ SBTRKT, the now known Aaron Jerome has become quite the darling of the electronic airwaves. Not for the fact that he wears a tribal mask when performing, or for answering only to a cryptic pseudonym – these are but the hollow husks of marketing. No, the real selling point of his now debased veil is the engine that drives the vehicle’s shell: his talent.

SBTRKT has carved out his own path into an ever-evolving dance scene with a new sound, cross referencing everything from garage, electro, house, 2-step, new wave and indie. “Everything kind of fits in place like a big puzzle and I’m enjoying all the influences and the freedom to write stuff that people are more accepting of now than in the past,” Aaron explains. “I don’t want to be an artist that’s stuck in a genre and forgotten about in two years.”

For now, SBTRKT is the man of the moment. With revered remixes of Radiohead, Basement Jaxx, Portico Quartet and Goldie et al being unleashed on much sort after sessions with Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Mary Anne Hobbs and Gilles Peterson, Aaron has been given the platform for his own material to flourish respectively. With ‘Soundboy Shift/Rundown’ to be released March 15th (Young Turks), his new sound will unmask the next era of electronic music’s evolution that is free from restraint.


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