Surfer Blood Interview

Originally Published: Clash Magazine

Their debut album ‘Astro Coast’ is currently coruscating with critical acclaim and industry buzz, but the Floridian four-piece still can’t surf for shit
Currently riding a wave of hype with the upcoming release of their debut album ‘Astro Coast’, Surfer Blood find themselves in Cardiff ahead of their gig at Clwb Ifor Bach when interviewed by Clash. “It’s pretty cool here,” explains lead singer/guitarist John Paul Pitts of his stay in so far. “I got a really funny postcard from a shop that has a picture of a sheep in a coat of arms.”

All in their early twenties, the four-piece are a long way from their hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida, an area better know for its narcissistic beach clientele, dance music, drug ports, and aging populace than the resplendent guitar-pop they are unveiling. “Florida is what it is – it’s not a cultural mecca,” Pitts explains. “And contrary to popular belief, the surf is notoriously bad – none of us can surf.”

Pitts does have a great deal to owe to the state, though. With his tuition fees to FAU part-funded by the lottery, Pitt’s did what any aspiring musician would do: “Of course you are meant to spend it on books, but instead I bought microphones, cables, and recording equipment, and photocopied other people’s books from class to keep up.”

Needless to say, he didn’t do well in class having then spent six months in his apartment tracking and mixing a collection of songs that he had been working on for three years. Why? Lack of money, ironically, and “to get the big sound that we wanted.” The result: a sterling debut on the cusp of brilliance, intertwining My Bloody Valentine’ noise, Weezer’s alt-pop creativity and the Pixies’ too square to be hip mentality. A true gem from a precocious talent.

Where: West Palm Beach, Florida.
What: Surf pop meets meticulous noise and melody.
Unique fact: None of them are able to surf.
Get 3 songs: ‘Swim’, ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Fast Jabroni’.


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