Dave Davies Kronikles: Mystical Journey – DVD review

Originally published: The Stool Pigeonhttps://i2.wp.com/www.davedavies.com/catalog/images/dvd_cvr.jpeg

This feature-length documentary starring the lesser-known gap-toothed cofounder of The Kinks, is the personally-charged memoir of Dave’s long-running quest for enlightenment. Something of an educational and spiritual self-help DVD for those seeking acceptance to their curious thought about astronomical energy, the metaphysical, otherworldly, and other such kooky notions. It’s fair to say that Davies comes across as an ethereal nut in the process, where when he is not reading from script educating the viewer about the intangible, he is bumbling around on screen like a Thunderbirds character strung-out on spiritualism and lysergic flashbacks. Shot like a Channel 5 shock-umentary, it has to be seen to be believed; and what is seen can only be believed with a mescaline suppository, cup of tea and a hefty pinch of salt.



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15 responses to “Dave Davies Kronikles: Mystical Journey – DVD review

  1. Debbie

    It’s so easy for someone to criticise a film like this when they are not interested in the subject matter and/or they don’t understand it. Shame. Maybe you could remove the prejudices from your mind, and Waterloo Sunset from your ears, and watch it again?…you might learn something.

  2. Margaret

    This reviewer is sooo lame! BTW the “gap-toothed” brother is the other one… and a “long running quest for enlightenment” might do the reviewer a bit of good. Personally, it was a fascinating ride for me, but of course, it covers subjects that interest me… Why on earth review something that is the antithesis of your natural comfort zone.. and then belittle it with your bias? And where do you get mescaline suppositories? I’ve got tea and salt.

  3. Frank Lima

    Obviously the person who wrote this has no history or knowledge of Dave or the kinks other then what is commonly known by any casual rock music person or someone who looked up Dave or the kinks on wickipedia. Anyone with a history or deep knowledge of the kinks and Dave knows that Dave bsides being one of the greatest rock guitar players of all time who defined the sound of the kinks and inpired hundreds of rock and roll bands over the past 45 years right up to this present day is and has always been a very spiritual person, even during and through his wild days of the 60’s and 70’s. Dave has always been a genuine down to earth person who means what he says and says what he means. He has a deep concern for the betterment of the world and our society. Some of his beliefs may be difficult or hard for some people to comprehend but is that any reason to dismiss them or refer to them as kooky? If it were not for people like Dave or others who did not think or beleive what everybody else did where would our world be today. Rock & Roo has been is and hopefully always will be about challaging the norm. Dave like the real fans of the kinks who have supported the band through the years mean it when they sing ” I’m Not Like Everybody Else ” Whether or not I believe in Dave’s theories does not matter, what matters is I believe in Dave. To put down thought processes. that are different than everybody elses is contrary to what rock and roll was meant to be all about. Ray and Dave have been my heroes since 1964 when their kooky music that was so radically different than anything else on the radio took over my soul. My life has never been the same since and I would not have had it any other way. I look forward to watching and hearing Dave’s Mystical Journey and exploring beliefs I may never have thought of before. Last, Dave has fought a very hard and difficult health related battle to come back to where he is today, his fans and friends stood by him every step of the way and we all look forward to seeing Dave back in the studio and on the road and stage again in the future.

  4. marion

    hey mr stool pidgeon, dave is not an ethereal nut a you put it, neither are matters of a spiritual nature “kooky” – so wake up you, and get real – you’re a “kooky nut” – the world is moving fast and leaving idiots and non believers like you behind! the world is governed by the occult, just in case you dident know. you’ve no right to comment on dave’s beliefs. you’re the one who should be taken with a mescaline suppository and a pinch of salt!!!

  5. Rissa

    I totally disagree with your review. I have seen Mystical Journey and loved it. As for Dave reading from a script, it did not appear to me that he was. I give it a five star rating. It is very well done and Dave did an excellent job. Well done Dave!!!

  6. Margaret

    Tom… why are you afraid to publish any comments about your review of Dave Davies’ film? I know that at least one other person than myself has submitted comments here.. does a person have to agree with you in order to have a comment accepted?


    comments have been removed from author!

  8. John

    Huzzah, the weirdos from Dave’s message board have made their appearance.

  9. Debbie

    Thankyou, Thomas, for at last giving people a fair chance to respond to your critique…

  10. Ellen

    No one can please everyone all the time.

    Having known Dave for as long as I have, I know he always strives to do his best, and puts his heart and soul into his work. To see a project that I know he worked long and hard on, for so long, cut to shreds by someone who doesn’t apparently give a damn about this man, or what he’s been through in recent years, well that cut to the heart. I enjoy the DVD, and own it. That’s all that counts. I’d say to people, if you like Dave Davies’ work, and like the man, buy it, you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t like him, then pass it by, and don’t criticize and belittle what you don’t understand.

  11. Dear all

    My name is Thomas A. Ward, the author of this article, and I would firstly like to thank you for all reading and replying in kind with your comments. I appreciate them all, your opinions that is, and your eloquence disapproving in mine.

    I would like to point out that these are just the opinions of one man, and as comment is free – as you all have just proven in your disproving – and free; we are all entitled to them, hence why I approved the posting of yours.

    Do you know that if you type ‘Dave Davies Kronikles Mystical Journey’ into Google, I come eighth now. That’s search engine optimisation for you.

    Please remember that this is pop music, not warfare.

  12. John

    Criticizing an artistic work and giving reasons why you like or dislike it – that’s fine – in fact that’s a reviewer’s job. Calling someone an “ethereal nut” – especially when you can’t possibly know the man, who he is, or what he’s accomplished is simply a gratuitous insult that represents a grade school level of sophistication. Instead of doing the hard work of understanding the work and the man, instead you decide to resort to name calling and cyber insults. In so doing you reveal yourself to be someone of limited vision and ability. In short, you’ve told us way more about yourself than you have of Mr. Davies.

  13. Bob Young

    Think your being harsh on Thomas, im a big fan of the kinks but don’t believe in all the stuff dave says some it i think is mumbo jumbo and im quite a spirtual person, everyones entitled to there opinion, not everyones gonna like the dvd that should be expected.

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