Jaill – Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, London – Live review

Dope show as lo-fi kids fail to get the luck of the draw


Originally published: The Stool Pigeon

Jaill’s lead singer and guitarist Vincent Kircher must be thinking, “What’s the point?” It’s Movember and every baby-faced East End hipster is wearing something that resembles a prepubescent ‘tash as some sort of ironic gesture towards a charitable cool, reducing Kircher’s resplendent Ned Flanders-like facial hair redundant. And he is desperate for weed. They have barely been on stage 30 seconds and he’s already coyly pleading with the crowd to sort them out: “If anyone has any [weed] on them and would like to get high with us, please meet us at the merchandising table after the show,” he utters in his best announcers voice. He scans the crowd to see if there are any eager takers: nothing. He sighs and motions towards the back of the room to a neatly arranged table laden with goods all at right angles. “It’s over there,” he reiterates. I feel for the guy and question their PR’s roll in all of this.

It’s the Milwaukee three-piece’s first show in the UK, and although transatlantic drug connections are yet to been made or clarified with management, their music has at least scored on some existential level. Opening with ‘Always Wrong’ from their 2009 debut There’s No Sky, a hook-infested little beach-wave punk number that first caught the attention of their Sub Pop label, their musical equation – like their drug demands – is transparent: play it clear, play it fast, and hope to fuck the addictive message gets through.

And it does: ‘On The Beat’, ‘She’s My Baby’, ‘How’s The Grave’, and new single ‘Everyone’s Hip’, all taken from their new album That’s How We Burn, have an energetic lo-fi rhetoric about them. Foot-tapping, dancefloor alighting tunes upheld by animalistic drumming, driving baselines, and Kircher’s sketchy guitar hooks and wry lyrical detail. Not that Vincent can sing their own praises: “We are like the moles of America: dig deep enough and you will find shit like us,” he japes with the pot-less crowd. Let’s hope that they are not deterred next time around.


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