UNKLE – Only The Lonely – EP Review

Originally published: Virgin Music

The likes of Kasabian may have tried to fill their baggy, trip-hop sound with monotonic simplicity and boorish bandstand banter, but their skinny-fit sound apes that of what UNKLE set out long ago. Acting as something of an aural fluffler to their forthcoming fifth studio album Where Did The Night Fall, Only The Lonely EP is a precursory five-track tease.

‘Money and Run’ opens with psychedelically sprawling guitars before drums thud at the entrance of Nick Cave’s sonorous vocal. Poetically insouciant in his delivery as ever, it’s a delightfully aggressive collaboration between two greats. The industrial girth of ‘The Dog is Black’ is made all the more bigger and bolder with Leila Moss’s addition, although it sounds like she is reading the lyrics from a child’s first reading book (“I call it a dog/I call it a dog/The dog is black”). With the track listing reading like an awkward dinner party guestlist (Gavin Clark and Rachel Fannan are also enlisted for vocal duties here), what they lack in conversational skills across the table, they have made up for in bolstering UNKLE’s industrial rhythms and credibility to tickle your fancy for what is to come.


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