Razorlight – Hull University – Live review

Razorlight’s meteoric rise to fame since the release of their debut single “Rock’n’Roll Lies” has been remarkable. Crashing to earth on the NME Rock’n’Roll Riot Tour in Hull, it all seems to be going to plan for Johnny and the boys, with fans being herded into the venue like sheep to be branded with this generation defining music.

First support band on, Dogs, I was assure were “awesome” by some fella rambling, eyes glazed and spilling his pint on my foot. I was unaware of this fact as I was unable to experience this “awesome”-ness due to circumstances out of my control; however, I was in time to experience The Duke Spirit. Overwhelmingly cool and confident, they produced the type of music that could be used to soundtrack the dark ages. Seemingly mythical, a wave of hype has flowed behind them and it was evident why, as those who were watching were mesmerised by Leila’s vocals.

Nevertheless, the night belonged to Razorlight. Johnny enters stage right, girls go weak at the knees, and boys get tight fisted, as they begin to seize the night with “Rip It Up”. Anyone ever doubting that Razorlight are a one-man band are wrong. Granted, a somewhat arrogant and outspoken Mr Borrell in interviews holds the crowd with baited breath, but it’s an outstanding performance by all. Intimate and well rehearsed, they float through a set of album hits, with new single “Vice” and top 10 hit “Golden Touch” hitting home the most. Johnny philosophically recites lyric like poems in between songs and states “that’s all Razorlight are. A two-chord band. Now go and make your own”. Anything seems possible. The show ends with a thunderous “Stumble and Fall”, with Borrell and the boys more than happy to return and hang around, sign all manner of body parts and get a few rounds in. Surprisingly lovely and humble chaps when world domination is imminent.


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